Khaneh Darugheh of Mashhad

  October 05, 2020
Khaneh Darugheh of Mashhad
Khaneh Darugheh is one of the historical monuments in Mashhad. It provides magnificent example of Iran's classic architecture. It had been one of the places used for different purposes in the course of history including the headquarter of the city's sheriff.

Khaneh Darugheh (Sheriff’s House) was built by Russian architects and masons upon the order of Mohammad Yusif Khan in final years of Qajar era. This building had been a personal property where the ceremonies of official services to the guests. According to existing evidence, this historical building was residential application until past three decades but in 1987, it was sold by the owners to the representative of one of the religious groups of Shahidyyah village of Meibod County at Yaz Province and since then, this place was used as a place of religious gatherings. This historical house was bought by municipality in 2012 and renovated through the investment made by municipality.

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