Kuhsangi Complex of Mashhad

  October 04, 2020
Kuhsangi Complex of Mashhad
Kuhsangi or Stone Mountain Park is one of the largest parks in Mashhad. It is hosting many visitors and tourists every year. This park has many facilities for recreation. It's pond along the stone mountain is very beautiful.

Kuhsangi Park is the second largest park of Mashhad after Mellat Park. This park is located in southwestern part of Mashhad and at the end of Kuhsangi Street. Kuhsangi Park is created on the margin of high mountains and is one of the oldest villages of Mashhad. Kuhsangi is the most renowned and oldest entertainment centers in Mashhad City and is one of the most beautiful parks built in Iran. This park is a combination of water, stone, greenery and light. In 1961 and following the expansion of Mashhad City, Kuhsangi was connected to Mashhad city through a wide, long and treed street called Kuhsangi Street. Based on the projects of expansion of Mashhad City, Kuhsangi Park turned into recreation and entertainment complex.

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