Mapar House, Pahlavi Mansion

  October 14, 2020
Mapar House, Pahlavi Mansion
Old mansions and classic houses are part of the historical background of the cities in Iran. They present a different view of the cities. Mapar House is one of them.

Ahvaz as an Iranian city that has undergone through numerous ups and downs in the course of its long history, and despite the serious damages that it has suffered during war years, is full of old and sweet mansions. Mapar House is one of these historical mansions that is the memorial of Pahlavi I era. This house is of an area of more than 500 square meters and with its brick façade, wooden doors and colorful windows, represents one of the unique buildings in Ahwaz. Fortunately, Mapar house was renovated in 2001 and its beautiful bricks acquired a new spirit. This mansion was registered at the same year as one of the key national monuments. You can test different drinks in this beautiful mansion or have a meal in this wonderful atmosphere with its exceptional palm trees.

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