Martyr Soleimani enhanced power, dignity of Islamic Ummah: Speaker

  January 04, 2023   News ID 6880
Martyr Soleimani enhanced power, dignity of Islamic Ummah: Speaker
SAEDNEWS: Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf has said that Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani could improve might and greatness of the Islamic Ummah.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Qalibaf made the remarks at the first international conference of Martyr Soleimani's school of thought, underway at the Iran International Conference Center in Tehran with participation of foreign audiences, noting that General Soleimani contributed to standing against insecurity and tried decisively to remove any kind of threat.

Today we gather together and speak of Martyr Soleimani’s school of thought because he was brought up based on the tenets of Imam Khomeini, the speaker argued, adding that Martyr Soleimani is known as a comprehensive character.

Martyr Soleimani was a sort of commander, brother, fighter, and follower in different military, social, political, and ethical arenas, Qalibaf noted.

Martyr Soleimani managed to create might and prestige for the Islamic Ummah and had an active and powerful presence wherever insecure to restore security, the parliament speaker added.

General Soleimani contributed to the “unity of the Islamic world” and the “production of power for the Islamic world,” because he knew that the only logic, which can respond to the logic of power, is the might that has its roots in the people, he said (Source: IRNA).

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