Mausoleum of Pir-e Palandooz of Mashhad

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Mausoleum of Pir-e Palandooz of Mashhad
Mashhad is one of the key holy sites of Shia Islam. It is home to the divine tomb of Eighth Imam of Shia Muslim Imam Al Musa Ibn Reza. Imam Reza's presence in Mashhad has created a special atmosphere in this holy city. There are numerous mystical figures buried in this holy city.

The so called Mausoleum of Pir-e Palandooz [Pack-saddle Making Mystic] belongs to Mohammad Aref Abbasi one of the great mystics of 17th century. This mausoleum has been nationally registered and dates back to Safavid era. This monument is of square form and has a beautiful onion like dome with brick porches. Inside the mausoleum, there are remnants of Safavid paintings. The building is decorated by simple turquoise tiles. The main site of the mansion is built in the time of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh and in recent years it has been renovated by Astan-e Quds.

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