Modern Persian Music Before Islamic Revolution

  November 17, 2020   Read time 1 min
Modern Persian Music Before Islamic Revolution
Radio's presence in Iran allowed the Persian musicians and composers to be exposed to modern musical trends particularly in west. Modern studios were built and new techniques got developed under the inspiration of the new technology. However, before Islamic Revolution the music was majorly westoxified and traditional content was almost neglected.

The 50s was a good decade but Iranian pop music had not reached its peak. The government had just given the go ahead and consented to different lyrics and new subjects to be included in songs and topics about social and cultural realities to sneak into popular music. It is notable that radio and television played a significant and powerful role in the distinct sound of the 50s to get into the public consciousness and become popular. In particular, the radio and TV's pop orchestra played an instrumental and crucial role in this endeavor. In addition, powerful and popular groups such as Apolon and Beethoven were established with considerable success. It is important to remind that recording music in those days was quite a time-consuming, fastidious and delicate affair and this fuss was the key and secret to the immortality and eternal popularity of 50s music and bear evidence to the amount of work, precision and guts that went into producing those songs. The popularity and fame of pop music gave rise to the emergence of a number of pop bands in the late 40s and 50s. These bands either made the lead singer famous or by having an already famous singer in their band tried to gain an advantage over other singing bands. Examples include the band called the Golden Ring using Aref to fortify their fame, etc. However, the most successful band in those days was called Black Cats with their unique lead singer named Farhad (Source: IranChamber).

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