Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut, Lebanon

  July 03, 2021   Read time 1 min
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanon is one of the key countries in Middle East that is home to many Muslims who are living in peace with the believers of other religions including the majority Christians as well as the minority Jews. There are many holy sites in this country that represent the Islamic Culture.

Adjacent to the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, there stands the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque of Muslims. The construction process of the mosque commenced in 2002 with the donation from Rafic Hariri, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, and accomplished in 2008. By that time, however, Rafic Hariri had been assassinated and was therefore unable to witness the opening of the mosque.

eing a famous landmark in Beirut, the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is one of the most spectacular mosques in the Middle East. The built area covers 11,000 square metres, a blue dome of 48m tall, and four minarets of 65m tall surrounding the dome. The design of the blue dome is based on that of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul.

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