Mohammad the Eternal Example of Muslim Community

  December 08, 2020   Read time 1 min
Mohammad the Eternal Example of Muslim Community
Prophet Muhammad and Koran can be the axis of unity in the Islamic World. Divisions, sects and factions within Islamic world have brought havoc on the Muslim societies and SAEDNEWS does not aim to side by any sect or give a sectarian view of Islam. Rather every sect will be presented according to its sources. Muslims need unity.

As the head of a household, the Blessed Prophet created a miniature society and in fact universe whose structure and internal relations are of keen interest to devout Muslims to this day. His manner of dealing with his wives, his children and the small grandchildren, that is, Hasan and Husayn, his duties and functions within the house, his sense of responsibility towards the family, his inculcation of love and trust among members of the family and many other elements are parts of his Sunnah and elements of his character which make him an example to be emulated and followed not only as an individual but in the context of the human family. Likewise, the manner in which he acted when a merchant, or when he was judging a case or acting as military leader in the field of battle or ruling over a human community or deciding on a problem of diplomacy all reveal aspects of a being who was chosen to fulfill all the possibilities inherent in the human state. It is a sobering thought to remember that the same person who led the Battle of Badr and who later ruled over a whole segment of the universe would bend down on the floor of his humble house so that his grandchildren could mount upon his back and ride around the room. Only a prophet can achieve this perfection of grandeur and humility, power and generosity, but the fact that he can achieve it reveals how great man could be if only he knew who he is (Source: Prophet Muhammad by S. H. N.).

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