Nader Shah Mausoleum of Mashhad

  October 04, 2020
Nader Shah Mausoleum of Mashhad
Nader Shah Afshar (1688-1747) is known to be one of the most powerful rulers of Iran in the whole history of Iran. He ruled for 11 years and during his tenure he acquired numerous achievements and won many battles. His tomb is located in Mashhad.

The mausoleum of Nader Shah Afshar is a building that was constructed in memory of Nader Shah in Mashhad City. Qawam Al Saltanah at the final years of Qajar era (1917) built a new mausoleum for him over the ruins of his tomb and transferred his bones from Tehran to his mausoleum. This small mausoleum was made of brick and mud in 1732 near Char Bagh Shahi and in front of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine. This new building that was located in the site of his current mausoleum, was open for a while until the decision of Society of National Historical Works for renovation of this building in 1956 near the tomb of Qawam Al Saltanah. This begun in 1957 and was finished in 1963.

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