National Teleseminar of Ali Shariati and the "Future Path"

  December 06, 2020   News ID 1016
National Teleseminar of Ali Shariati and the "Future Path"
Ali Shariati (1933-1977) is an Iranian contemporary social philosopher and sociologist who played a key role in mobilization of major intellectual forces in Islamic Revolution 1979. His works are challenging in many respects due to the presence of a constellation of key traditional and modern notions.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS, Dec. 6: On Dec. 6 2020 Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in collaboration with The Iranian Sociological Association organized a National Telegeminar. In this scientific event 24 scholars from different cities (such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Dezfol, Ardabil, Rasht) and provinces of Iran participated and delivered their speeches on different aspects of Ali Shariati's thought and philosophy. Today it is the 90th anniversary of Ali Shariati and also the "Day of Student" in Iran. The chair of this scientific event Professor Seyed Javad Miri at the Department of Social Studies at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran Iran has attempted to bring all scholars with different outlooks into this event . By so doing we hope that we can strengthen the "Intra-Iranian Dialogue" and shed light on the future path of Iran. All the speeches are accessible at the following Telegram address @seyedjavadmiri.

Renowned Iranian scholars, sociologists, theorists and intellectuals will deliver lectures on Shariati and his works and idea in this teleseminar inculding Professor Hasan Mohaddesi Kilvaei, Professor Seyed Javad Miri, Milad Dokhanchi, Abuzar Shariati and etc.


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