Ostad Shagerd's Mosque

  January 16, 2022   Read time 1 min
Ostad Shagerd's Mosque
This building has been made in 1984 by Amir Sheikh Hasan Chupan known as Ala Aldin. Hence first named Alaiyya then was called Suleymaniyya owing to the presence of Mongol prince Suleyman.

Today's appellation of this building goes back to its manuscripts which were written by Abd Alah Sirfi the most famous calligrapher of Ilkhanid age and one of his students.

Although there is no indicate of the initial building, but during the renovation process of the dome there were found some specimens of this tile works and manuscripts. The modern structure of the building dates back to Qajar period.

Rashid Aldin in Jami Al-Tawarikh mentioned that:" Amir Sheikh Hassan has stayed in Tabriz and has constructed some prominent structures in the old square of the city like mosque and school and convent in a short time of which there was no mosque in Tabriz comparable with it in terms of decoration"

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