Parthian Key Military Tactic

  December 22, 2020   Read time 1 min
Parthian Key Military Tactic
Parthians managed to build a powerful army and revive the military hegemony of Persian Empire. Parthians were seasoned fighters. More than anything else, it was the military tactic that let them to have an upper hand over against the enemies.

The primary Parthian tactic was a classic combination of firepower and shock effect. The light cavalry used hit- and- run attacks to harass the enemy and disorganize his forces while the heavy cavalry forced the enemy to remain in closed ranks by the threat of a charge. As a result, the enemy infantry could not come to grips with the bowmen, whose arrows took an increasing toll, nor could it march away to shelter. If gaps were created in the enemy’s lines, the heavy cavalry moved in as a shock force to try to roll up the exposed flank, although the cataphracts still avoided hand- to- hand combat in favor of the bow and lance. The overall goal was to wear down the enemy’s strength and morale, surround them with more mobile cavalry forces, and then compel a surrender or destroy him with volleys of arrows and other missiles. These Parthian tactics were highly effective in defeating disciplined infantry forces. When facing an opponent in a strong defensive position or behind walls, however, the Parthians lacked the tactics and means to overcome the enemy’s lines or conduct protracted sieges.

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