Persian Historical Houses: Zinat Al-Molk House, Shiraz

  June 27, 2021   Read time 1 min
Persian Historical Houses: Zinat Al-Molk House, Shiraz
Zinat Al-Molk House is one of the most important buildings in Shiraz that is a part of Qavam House. The house’s basement has been converted into the Fame Museum of Shiraz some years ago. The monument would be an enjoyable place for all those who are interested in architecture and history.

Zinat Al-Molk House that is also called Zinat Al-Molouk is located in Lotfali Khan Zand Street and considered to be the inner part of Gavam House. It is near Valiasr Metro Station and Bus Terminal and it is not difficult to access.

The complex has remained from Qajar period when Qavam family governed Fars; Gavam Garden and Zinat Al-Molk are the remaining of the same period. Established in 1302 SH, this place was the residence of Zinat Al-Molouk Qavami, Qavam Al-Molk IV’s daughter and is located in the west of Naranjestan.

All parts of the house have been artistically decorated. After passing through the entrance door with marquetry works, you enter the vestibule and then the yard on two sides of which there are two green and pleasant gardens. A square turquoise pool will appear in front of you. On the other side of the pool, you can see the mansion with wooden windows, colored windows and magnificent arch façade. After passing the decorated porch you reach the rooms.


Twenty rooms of the house are interconnected. There are stucco works on the walls and the wooden ceiling is full of wonderful paintings. In the west of the mansion there is an alcove hall which has been decorated with mirror and stucco works. the colored glasses through which the light enter the house can be seen in all parts of the house.

The Fame Museum of Shiraz has been established in the great basement of the mansion that is also famous as the Madame Tussauds Museum. The statues of some honorable people have been artistically and skillfully made here such as Atossa, Cyrus’s daughter, Shapur I, Karim Khan Zand, Sa’adi and Dr. Namazi who was one of the benefactors of Shiraz.

The house was also popular in the past because Mrs. Zinat Al-Molouk supported the poor and her Charity tablecloths was really well-known among people.

The museum is open to public visit from 8:00 to 19:00.

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