Pfizer CEO paints ‘ideal’ future of Covid vaccination

  January 23, 2022   News ID 5756
Pfizer CEO paints ‘ideal’ future of Covid vaccination
Albert Bourla hopes the idea of annual vaccinations will be far easier to sell to the public.

Brussels, SAEDNEWS: The CEO of Pfizer has tried to appease vaccine skeptics with an idea of Covid-19 booster shots only once a year – instead of every few months – all while attacking the most vocal anti-vaxxers as “criminals” who “profit from circulating misinformation.”

In a series of interviews with Israeli TV channels, Albert Bourla said it would “not be a good scenario” if people were to get boosters every four to five months. “What I'm hoping [is] that we will have a vaccine that you will have to do once a year,” he told Channel 12 news on Saturday.

Bourla argued that it is both easier to sell the idea and “easier for people to remember” if a vaccine is required only once per year, calling it “an ideal situation” from “a public health (Source: RT).

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