Qom City and Its Holy Sites

  August 30, 2021   Read time 1 min
Qom City and Its Holy Sites
Qom, the capital of Qom Province, is the seventh most populous city in Iran inhabited by more than 1 million people. It is holy since it hosts the Holy Shrine of Masuma-e-Qom, Fatimah Bint Musa, the sister to the eighth Shia Muslims Imam, in Mashhad.
Qom is one of the fastest-growing cities in Iran. The population has doubled since the revolution in Iran. Qom is also famous for its many prestigious Islamic schools for Shia Islam. Other sites in the city frequented by Pilgrims visits include Bait-un-Noor, where Masuma-e-Qom passed away and Ayatollah Marashi library which houses ancient Islamic Manuscripts and works. Chehel-E- Akhtataraan is another site in Qom where forty Imamzadas have been buried here. Another touristic site in Qom is Bibi Shakeesa Tomb, a lady who devoted herself to serve the holy Imam.

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