Sabalan Mountain, the Ecotourist Attraction of Ardabil

  June 27, 2021   Read time 2 min
Sabalan Mountain, the Ecotourist Attraction of Ardabil
Sabalan Mountain is one of the key natural phenomena of Ardabil Province. Sabalan presents a strong sense of Azerbaijan's nature. This mountain contains numerous phenomenal spots that can provide a unique perspective of natural landscape in Iran.

Sabalan, which in the Turkish dialect is also called Savalan, is the third highest mountain of Iran, after Damavand and Alamkuh. Sabalan is a composite volcano. Its peak is located four thousand and eight hundred and eleven meters higher than sea level. There is a beautiful lake formed on its top. Even though Sabalan is covered with snow most time of the year, there are many hot springs located in the foothills of this vast mountain that have become very popular.

Sabalan is highly regarded in the culture of local people, as well. Many believe it to be the birthplace of Zoroaster, because many books mention him descending from this mountain. The position of Sabalan Mountain is so high in beliefs of local people that they swear by its name.

Generally, the county of Ardabil is rich and unique in vegetation and wild plants. Region of Sabalan especially has become one of the centers of beekeeping and growing herbal plants because of this vegetation. During recent years, a rare kind of herb has been discovered in this area by Dr. Aziz Javanshir, which was named after him.


The mountain area of Sabalan has been formed by three famous peaks, amongst which Sultan is the biggest. Two other peaks are known as Heram and Kasra. This mountain has spread parallel to Arasbaran forests from east to west, and it is linked to Bozghush Mountain and Sahand Heights from the southwest.

One of the symbols of Sabalan Mountain is eagle. This symbol is inspired by a rock on the western side of the mountain that looks like an eagle. This rock has always been popular among the climbers and becomes a symbol of this site. Aside to this, the climbers have also named other rocks along their path based on what they looked like such as fox, pigeon, king and queen. These rocks also act as guides.

Based on their skills and abilities, the climbers choose different paths. The most common path to ascend Sabalan is the northeastern one. This path leads to Fotorsue Hot Spring. One can take the especial rides from the spring to the shelters built-in height of three thousand and one hundred meters to have an easier start.

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