Savadkuh the Green Paradise of North Iran

  May 25, 2021   Read time 2 min
Savadkuh the Green Paradise of North Iran
The stripe across the Caspian Sea is home to cities and villages each one of which are considered to be a paradise as such. Many Iranians prefer to spend their time in this region during their holiday because of the cozy feeling that this region gives to them.

Savadkuh is a green and lush city in Mazandaran in the region of central Alborz surrounded by the mountain and forest; a city with an attractive nature that is a popular destination for tourists. The climate of this city is temperate and semi-humid. Due to the existence of the green pastures in the region, the main occupations of people are agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition, the coal mine of Pol Sefid constitutes a part of the city’s earnings.

Being located in the neighborhood of connecting ways of the north to the south of Iran plays a vital role in the development of the city. Pol Sefid has been located in the pathway of Tehran to Mazandaran. Moreover, the railroad of Tehran-North passes from this region.

Gazo waterfall in Shirgah district, one of the environs of Savadkuh, in the heart of a lush forest is of the natural attractions of Savadkuh city. This waterfall is near to a shrine famous as Setan-e Gazo.

Shourmast lake is another natural attraction of Savadkuh. This lake is close to Pol Sefid, formed in the heart of the forest trees above the mountain.

Veresk bridge in the direction of Tehran-North railroad was constructed in Veresk village. The bridge is among the most famous and beautiful parts of Tehran-North railroad. Other bridges famous as Se Khat Tala (three golden lines) are the amazing points of this railroad placed after Veresk bridge, between Veresk and Gadouk villages. Veresk waterfall is another tourism attraction of Veresk village.

Orim forest area, Arfa’ Kuh, Helidar forest, Zangian cave and Kijakchal cave are the other natural attractions of Svadkuh. Rash (beech) forest around Sangedeh village has a unique appearance in autumn that is the destination of nature trekkers. The lake of Lafour dam or Alborz dam is another attractive region in Savadkuh established in the intersection of three rivers. This large dam is placed in a forest region around which one can see many attractive landscapes.

Kangelo castle is one of the tourism historical attractions of Savadkuh in 20km to the southeast of Doab. Visiting Lajim tower located in a village with the same name is also highly recommended.

Savadkuh is a proper place for buying medicinal plants. Interesting among the Savadkuh handicrafts are woodwork, felting, weaving kilim, Jajim and Deliji fabrics. Tireng Pesti, Komaj and Halva are some of the especial foods of Savadkuh city.

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