Sayyida Ruqayya Holy Shrine at Damascus, Syria

  March 18, 2021   Read time 1 min
Sayyida Ruqayya Holy Shrine at Damascus, Syria
Shia Muslims hold the Prophet's Household in high respect and commemorate their martyrdom. The graves of the Imams and their progeny are regularly visited by Shia, because Shia Muslims believe that they are the ones through whom one can reach the Lord God.

At Sayyida Ruqayya Mausoleum, see the final resting place of Muhammad's great-granddaughter. After the battle of Karbala, fought to defend the ideology of the Prophet's grandson, numerous people were imprisoned, among whom was Sukayna, four years old at the time. She died in prison, and was later exhumed and moved here. The mausoleum, designed in a modern style, features decorative gold ornaments, blue tiles, and many windows. Women must wear a black burka here.


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