Selimiye Mosque

  March 01, 2022   Read time 1 min
Selimiye Mosque
Edirne was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire (after Bursa and before Istanbul), but the city's grandest piece of Ottoman architecture stems from Sultan Selim II's reign (Sultan Süleyman I's son; reigned 1566-1574) and is the work of the imperial court's chief architect, Sinan.

The four slender minarets of the Selimiye Mosque (Selimiye Cami) are a towering 71 meters high. Historians think it probable that at the time of their construction, they were the tallest mosque minarets in the world.

The main interior dome, centered round an octagonal support structure of pillars and arches, measures a vast 31.3 meters in diameter.

Inside, panels of calligraphy and the geometric designs of the arch borders are highlighted by light from hundreds of windows, deliberately focusing visitors' attention on the upper levels and dome of the prayer hall and creating a serene sense of vast space.

Outside, the surrounding grounds of the mosque are home to two museums, both housed in buildings that were used as theological schools as part of the original mosque complex.

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