Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine, Shiraz, Iran

  June 02, 2021   Read time 1 min
Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine, Shiraz, Iran
Shah Cheragh is the brother of Shia Eighth Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al Riza (peace be upon him). He is held in high regard in Iran and many pilgrims visit his shrine every year. His shrine is decorated with beautiful tiles and lighting.

Shah Cheragh is a famous holy shrine of Imam Mousa Kazem's (7th Shia Imam) son, Mir Seyed Ahmad, who is the brother of Imam Reza (peace be upon him), many Shias go to Shiraz for pilgrimage this place and it is one of the most significant sights of this city.

The first building of Shah Cheragh holy shrine antiquity dated back to Azdodole Deilami who was one of the Ale Boye kings and the new buildings repaired and linked to the main courtyard was established in Fars Atabakan, Shah Ismaeil Safavi and Nader Shah Afshar periods. Two main gates are in south and north of holy shrine decorated by 2 big tiled entrances and linked to the vast courtyard of the shrine. The Shah Cheragh holy shrine is located in the west of the courtyard and his brother's shrine is located in the northeastern of this place.

The beauty of this building is increased by use of small colored mirrors, tiling, Persian and Arabic hand-writings in the shrine. There are some rooms decorated with mosaic tiling around the yard. Iron columns of the shrine decorated with exquisite wood, a large integrated flat roof inlaid with wood and marble pulpit sculpted are the other beauties of this building.

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