Shah, White Revolution and Covered Westernization of Iranian Society

  November 04, 2020   Read time 1 min
Shah, White Revolution and Covered Westernization of Iranian Society
Shah sought to make Iran an integrated part of the international community with its western values and traditions while he didn't pay enough attention to the fact that Iran is a Muslim society and nobody can change this reality on the ground. His efforts were all neglectful of this fundamental fact and this caused him to fail.

Domestic reform and industrial development after 1961 were accompanied by an independent national policy in foreign relations, the principles of which were support for the United Nations (UN) and peaceful coexistence with Iran’s neighbours. The latter of these principles stressed a positive approach in cementing mutually beneficial ties with other countries. Iran played a major role with Turkey and Pakistan in the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) and Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD). It also embarked on trade and cultural relations with France, West Germany, Scandinavia, eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. Relations with the United States remained close, reflected by the increasing predominance of Western culture in the country and the growing number of American advisers, who were necessary to administer the shah’s ambitious economic reforms and, most important, to aid in the development of Iran’s military. The Iranian army was the cornerstone of the country’s foreign policy and had become, thanks to American aid and expertise, the most powerful, well-equipped force in the region and one of the largest armed forces in the world (Source: Britanica).


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