Shia Imams as Symbols of Revolutionary Pioneers of Resistance Front

  January 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Shia Imams as Symbols of Revolutionary Pioneers of Resistance Front
History of Shia suffering provides good examples of the devoted believers symbolized by Shia exalted Imams in the first place whose whole life has been sacrificed for the promotion of justice and fairness. The leaders of the Resistance Front in twentieth century were all mindful of the importance of this historical fact.

Resistance Front is not a political movement in the stereotypical sense of the word. It does not aim at mere dominance. The active elements in Resistance Front do not want anything for themsleves rather there are some lofty heavenly ideals upheld by the Great Imams of Shia Islam who sacrificed even their dear lives for the promotion of the Name of Allah. Imam Khomeini the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution was also mindful of this fact and he continuously reminded the nation of the importance of this fact. Islamic Resistance is in the first place a resistance against the Satanic forces that distance the "Servant" from the "Lord". This key ideology underlies the very movement that represents the Resistance Front. "It is necessary to preserve these curses, and it is necessary to include elegies in the memory of the Imams (A.S.) and also the condemnation of the oppressors of each epoch. The present era, which is the epoch of the oppression against the Muslim world by America, the Soviets and their lackeys, such as the Saudis, may God's curse go to them, these conspirators against the House of God: they should be condemned firmly. We should all know that what will unite Muslims is this political ceremony [the Friday prayer], which will protect the dignity and preserve the identity of Muslims, particularly the Twelver Shi'as."

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