Shir Berenj: Milky Rice Pudding

  February 17, 2024   Read time 2 min
Shir Berenj: Milky Rice Pudding
Shir berenj is an Iranian rice pudding dish fragrant with rosewater and cardamom. Learn how to achieve its soothingly mellow flavor profile and spoonable, creamy consistency at home.

Shir berenj, also called the “milk broth”, has a long history in Persian cuisine. was referred to by renowned 9th century Iranian poet Ferdowsi as “Shirba” (literally meaning milk soup). This tasty pudding is made with milk and rice and is easy to cook. It is mostly served during Iftar (fast-breaking meal at sunset) during the holy month of Ramadan.

An expert in traditional medicine says Shir berenj is a useful food and had better be used with cinnamon for better digestion.

As Shir berenj is made with milk and rice, it is usually used as complementary food for children under two years of age as well as a side dish for adults, says a nutritionist.

Milk, with which Shir berenj is made, contains high-quality protein good for the growth of body tissues, the nutrition expert adds. He says the pudding is recommended for those who fast, especially youngsters. Milk also contains vitamin B2, which expedites metabolism. The pudding is usually served after the main course with sugar, jam, grape syrup or anything which is sweet.


Ingredients For Shir Berenj

  • Milk: 3 cups or 100gr
  • Rice: 1 cup or 200gr
  • Rosewater: Half a cup

Cooking Steps For Shir Berenj

Rinse the rice in water with no salt added and leave it for a few hours. Then remove the water and put the rice in a casserole with two cupfuls of water, or one cupful of water and one cupful of milk. Put the mixture on the oven to be cooked and become a little soft. Then add the remaining milk while the pudding remains on low-temperature heat. Keep stirring the pudding until fully cooked.

After you add the milk, increase the temperature until milk begins to boil. Then decrease the temperature. Bear in mind that the casserole’s lid should NOT be on while cooking Shir berenj to keep the pudding from boiling over. Usually 15 to 20 minutes will be enough.

Now add the rosewater. After one or two minutes, remove the casserole from the oven, put the pudding in the serving dish and garnish it with cinnamon. Now it is ready to be served.

N.B.: Sugar could be added to Shir berenj along with milk and rosewater while the dish is being cooked. In certain areas, it is served with grape syrup, jam or honey.

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