Si Sangan Wildlife Park in Mazandaran

  October 12, 2020   Read time 1 min
Si Sangan Wildlife Park in Mazandaran
Si Sangan Wildlife Park is an animal and plant sanctuary. It is home to rarest plant and animal species. This park is officially protected by the wildlife preservation officials.

Si Sangan Wildlife Park in addition to tourist attraction pursues the policy of protection and preservation of rare and protected types of boxus and it is indeed a natural example of plain forest in north Iran. This region due to its location across the sea and extensive area are among the significant features of this region. In Si Sangan Wildlife Park, one can find oaks with a diameter of 2 meters as well as different types of boxus and maple. This park is located in 27 kilometers of Noshahr-Noor Road. It is bordered by Caspian Sea from North, by Alborz Chain Mountains in south, by Tuskatak Village in west and by Salah Al Din Village in east. With its almost 602 acres area, this park is divided into three coastal, southern and western parts in view of vegetation distribution and it is the habitat of different species of trees, shrubs, plants and animals. Among the animals that live in Si Sangan Forest, one can refer to Roe Deer, Red Deer, Brown Bear, Leopard, Fox, Jungle Cat, Bore, and Jackal. Some of the regional facilities include supermarket, great sanctuary, ping-pong site, camping site, playground, inflatable theme park, horse riding site, water scooter club, boating club, coastal land and sports, coffee shop, restaurant, Sofreh Khaneh, lavatory services, and permanent exhibition of natural resources.

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