Sirjan’s pipe shape windward

  November 29, 2023   Read time 1 min
Sirjan’s pipe shape windward
Sirjan’s pipe shape windward (Chopoghi Wind-Catcher) is the remaining part of old house belonging to Agha Seyed Ali Asghar Razavi house (one of the physicians in Sirjan), related to Pahlavi’s era and a combination of architecture and industry which is unique in Iranian architecture due to the cultural and artistic values.

Seyed Mohammad Shojaei who was the architect of this building constructed this type of windward on the roof of this desert house by inspiration of the old ships chimney.

The facade of pipe shape windward enjoys special characteristics its beauty is not only due to the special form of windward, but also the exterior body have been decorated by small portions of hexagonal geometric bricks.

This windward is not common, such as the other cube shape windward and is a complex of pipe shaped tubes (tubes with knee bend) which has been constructed with brick and mortar. The entrances of these pipe shaped windward were opened in four sides and they are located on the northeast rectangle space of the house with geometric and regular networks under the windward.

The surrounding air is led to the indoors by passing through these canals from different sides of the windward and the space of house become cool by the collision of air with waters.


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