The Complex of Armenian churches in Iran

  December 12, 2023   Read time 1 min
The Complex of Armenian churches in Iran
The Complex of Armenian churches, some nearby buildings and Dare Sham village are the elements of cultural exchange between Orthodox Byzantine and Iranian culture.

Located at the end southeast of the Armenian cultural domain, these churches became the center of Armenian cultural dissemination in Azerbaijan of Iran and they are currently preserved under good conditions.

QaraKlisa (Tad-eous),(The Church of Tad-eous or the Church of Tetavos), the second church of the world, is one of the most original and highly decorated among Armenian churches consisted of two old black sections and one new white.

This church was developed on St. Tad-eous mausoleum in 4th and 6th centuries; Christians of the region as well as the Armenian all over the world highly appreciate this monument.

Saint Stepanos church is ranked second after Kara Kilise, among the most important Armenian churches of Iran. This church, related to10th-12th centuries AD, currently located at the heart of mountains and in the green nature is greatly respectful for all religions. Indeed, the church belongs to Gregory branch of Christians who live in Armenia.

Chapel of Dzordzor (The Chapel of Holy Mother of God) is the third famous church of Iran in the world’s list of Armenian churches. This cross- shaped church was built in 1298 AD.

In addition, Dareh Sham village has been registered in the list of Iran's Armenian churches because of Armenian inhabitants and their specific customs.

There are eight churches and holy places in Dareh Sham area: Holy Dare Sham Church next to the Armenian cemetery, St. Sarkis church in the middle Dare Sham, St. George church in upper Dareh sham, and Shepherd church on the way of Jolfa to Dare Sham.

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