The Kaaba: Holiest Sites of Islam, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  November 02, 2020   Read time 1 min
The Kaaba: Holiest Sites of Islam, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
The Kaaba is in one sense the holiest site in Islamic world. It is the center and heart of Islamic faith and Muslims annually gather around this holy monument to devote themselves wholly to Allah in Hajj. Kaaba is known as Bayt Allah (House of Allah) not in physical sense rather in metaphorical sense. It is the symbol of Islamic monotheism.

The Kaaba is a 45-high-foot, 33-foot-wide, 50-feet-long empty box made of cement and draped in black silk. Regarded as the House of God, it is most sacred thing there is in Islam. It is as important to Muslims as the True Cross and the Holy Grail are to Christians, and what makes it better is that it is still around. Even so, it is not an object or worship; it simply signifies a direction imposed by God to maintain unity and uniformity among the faithful. The Kaaba is an imperfect cube structure that lies at the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. It is extremely old and its origins are unknown, Muslims believe it was originally part of temple erected in the beginning of second millennia B.C. by Abraham and his son Ishmael at God's command. Abraham is regarded as the founder of monotheism. Some say the temple he established was raised on the site of a sanctuary built by Adam. The Kaaba is neither a temple or shrine. It is empty except, Muslims say, for the presence of God, and symbolizes the abstractness and oneness of Allah. When pilgrims circle the shrine they recite in Arabic: "Lord God from Distant Land I have come unto Thee...grant me shelter under Thy throne”; or they chant "In the name of God; God is most great!"The Kaaba contains some lamps that illuminate its interior. It has been rebuilt several times because of floods, political struggles and time. The place were Abraham is said to have stood to build the Kaaba is marked by a small structure called the “Station of Abraham." The kiswa , the embroidered black cloth covering the Kaaba, is made with about 1,000 pounds of silk. It is entirely decorated with woven calligraphy of Qur’anic scriptures, including the Shahada and the text about Muhammad cleansing the Kaaba: “Truly God has fulfilled the vision of his messenger. You will enter the sacred mosque in security." (Source: Facts and Detalis)


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