The Land of Kebab and Thermal Springs

  February 24, 2022   Read time 1 min
The Land of Kebab and Thermal Springs
Ardabil is located in southwestern of Caspian Sea among a great plain on the hillside of Sabalan Mountain which is one of the most spectacular foothills in the world and also the Talesh mountain range that is the continuation of the Alborz Mountain.

Ardabil height is about 1350 m above the sea level and 40 km far away from Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan border. Ardabil is a highland and enjoys a moderate and cool climate in spring and summer. Ardebil consists of 3 districts "Markazi", "Samanin", "Hir", 2 cities and 10 rural districts. The sources of mineral water, hot springs and the springs used for treatment are the economic sources of this city.

Also this city is well known as the first city with the potable water piping. Ardabil has a highly significant role in politic, industry, commerce, history and nature of this province. Most of the people who live in this city are occupied with agriculture and animal husbandry and the nomads in this area have a specific and important role in dairy and handicraft production. The handicrafts of this city include Gilim, Jajim, Shawl, Verny, Masnad, Pottery, Leather, rug and some kinds of local sweets. The minimal ethnic diversity lives in this city. In addition to Turkish people, Just 3 other nations such as Tat, Talesh and Kurd live in this area .Most of People speak Turkish in Azari dialect and they are Shia'.

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