The Land of Rosewater and Colors

  February 24, 2022   Read time 1 min
The Land of Rosewater and Colors
Kashan is located in the north of Isfahan province among the hillsides of Karkas Mountain in Natanz and Kavir desert. The north and west of Kashan are surrounded by Kavir desert and the climate of this city is warm and arid. Kashan consists of 4 districts, "Markazi", "Ghamsar", "Barzak", "Niasar", 7 cities and 9 rural districts.

Kashan is known to be Dar al-momenin, the city of scorpions and the gate of desert. One of the most magnificent and glorious historical places is Fin garden in this city. Kashan has been an outstanding location in terms of situating on the National Roads Network of Iran and along the main connecting roads of east, north and west provinces in the center, south and southeast of the cities. This city is one of the industrial poles of the country based on its machine carpet weaving industry and varied industries such as porcelain and melamine, spinning and industrial tools.

Kashan textile industry dates back to SherBafi products as Velvet weaving, brocade and silk weaving. Kashan is best known for rosewater, handmade carpet and many tourism attractions so that tourism is one of the Kashan’s economic fields. Also, agriculture is common there, too. People who live in Kashan speak in Farsi by Kashani dialect and they are the followers of Asna Ashari Shia'.

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