Tileh Bazi (Marble ball)

  July 21, 2022   Read time 1 min
Tileh Bazi (Marble ball)
Tileh bazi is one of the nostalgic games of most Iranian children; a play with some small glass colorful filled marbles.

Games are often culturally charged and traditional Iranian games, on top of that, enjoy a great variety. Due to the broad climate, ethnicity and tribe in Iran, these games have been designed for specific purposes and have become common among the population. In Iran there are more than 150 types of traditional games that the new generation is no longer familiar with due to the passage of time, new technologies and lifestyle changes. These games are divided into two groups: indoor and outdoor games. These games, in turn, have allowed people to enjoy their leisure time anywhere and some of them are socially and culturally common in most cities in Iran.

In fact, Tileh Bazi game has an ancient root among the Iranian entertainments that the only instrument needed is just marbles in different sizes. These orbs have different names in different accents in regions of Iran of which the most common name is Tileh but sometimes it is referred as Gololeh or Golol.

The number of players is not important in this game and it is played usually among the boys as twosome or even as a group in different styles and methods.

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