Traditional Clothes of Mazandara

  August 10, 2022   Read time 1 min
Traditional Clothes of Mazandara
Like in other northern provinces of Iran, happiness and color variation inspired by the nature, are the main features of women’s clothing in Mazandaran.

Women wear a folded and short skirt named Shaliteh or Charkhi Shalvar that is embroidered in its margins with black strips and a kind of pants that is usually dark and its waist is fastened using a long cotton strip. It is named Tomban Tangeh or Pashmbal. Some wear tight pants made of silk or velvet under their dress and called it Nimsaq. The main dress is named Jomeh reaching to the knee and an open vest is common over it that is closed in front using some buttons. This vest is usually embroidered with some coins and is named Simpoosh.

They also tighten a square-form shawl around their waist namely Chadorsho. Kerchief is the main headdress of Mazandaran women that is usually bright, made of voile, jaconet, or silk. A headdress named Mandal is tightened over the kerchief that is usually used in time of working. Kowsh is a leather footwear in black and brown colors that is worn by women. They also use Galesh, Charoogh, and Patooe’ in different situations. The dress of Mazani men is also named Jomeh or Jameh and its materials differ based on the season.

Their Pashmbal is dark blue or black reaching to the ankle that is closed with a strip. In the winter, they wear a vest over Jameh that is black and has a V-neck. Shola and Boshloq is the dress of Mazandaran’s shepherds. Mazandaran men put on a felt hat in the winter. Their other headdresses are Gushi hat, Poostin hat, nightcap, Sangesari hat and Mandal that is a headband similar to Turban and its tail is hung down behind the neck. Jerb or socks (Joorab in Farsi), Kowsh or shoes (Kafsh in Farsi), Sheikhi Kowsh, Charoogh and Kermanshahi Giveh are among popular footwear of men in Mazandaran.

Mazandaran women consider the jewelries as a part of their clothing and they use traditional and local jewelries with local names along with their clothes, the most interesting among which are Qaldoon or amber, opal and jade necklaces, anklet, pins for fastening the scarf named Golnabi, clove and evil eye.

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