Traditional Clothes of Persian People in Central Iran

  February 03, 2024   Read time 1 min
Traditional Clothes of Persian People in Central Iran
Markazi is the industrial capital of Iran that is located among Alborz and Gazvin provinces from the north, Hamedan from west, Tehran from northeast, Lorestan and Isfahan from south and Isfahan from east.
Markazi Province has been one of the main destinations of immigrants in years before the Islamic Revolution and therefore, it is no wonder that a mixed population live here. Although about half of this population are Turk, other tribes like Fars, Kurd, Lur, Arab, Gilak, Mazani, Tat, Talesh and Turkmen live also in Markazi province and the main language is Turkish. The ethnic groups of Bakhtiari Lur, Shahsavan tribe, Mughan and other tribes must be added to this demographic composition. Men use different kinds of hats according to their social position and economic situation of the family and based on the season or occasion: felt hat, Gushi hat, Pahlavi hat and Shapu hat.
Their main dress is named Kevink in some cities and Piron in some others, it is long and loose, without any special collar, that reaches to the knee. They wear a vest over the dress that is named Jelizqeh or Jizqaleh. Kapanak and Poostin are the special clothes of the shepherd. Tamman is an underwear in blue and black colors. Men use also garment. They use different footwear such as Kelash, Uzichieh, Melki shoes, Poton, Galesh and AkShasteh or Charoogh. Women put on a hat named boork under their scarf. Chaghchoo and kerchief are two other headdresses of these women; the former is lace and royal and the latter is from burlap, fustian and it is white.
They also wear a white cotton Chador. A piece of fabric is used for tightening the kerchief. A dress named Pachin is worn that has no collar and reaches to ankle. Pachin is generally sewed using the red, green and white fabrics all of which are flowered. Kevink is another long sleeves dress that reaches to the knee. They wear a folded long skirt named Qerband along with this dress. The velvet coat, vest and Tamman are other elements of the clothing of Markazi’s women.

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