Tropical City of Gachsaran

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Tropical City of Gachsaran
Gachsaran county is located in the south of Kuhgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province, 150km away from Yasuj, the capital city of the province. Dogonbadan is the center of this county. 

Gachsaran is located in a tropical and warm region. The eastern half of this county has a temperate and warm climate while in the western half it is the tropical arid. People of Gachsaran are the followers of Shia’ and they speak in Lori. But some of people in this city speak in Turkish. Different nations of Babui, Kashkai, and Buyer Ahmadi tribes live here in Gachsaran, although, regarding the oil industries in the region, a part of population in this city constitutes from immigrants. The excavations for discovering the oil was started from the early of 14th century and consequently, many oil wells were dug in the region.

The main occupation of people in Gachsaran is agriculture and animal husbandry. Kheiri and Mohammad Khan bridge is among the tourism attractions of Gachsaran located in 50km distance to this city. Kheir Abad Chahar Taqi is another historical monument in this city related to Sassanid period. This historical monument is placed close to the Kheiri and Mohammad Khan bridge.
Lishtar dome is a historical building in Gachsaran that was built in Seljuk period. Solomon fort which was constructed in the form of a thick wall is among the visitable places of Gachsaran.
The stairway and green village of Marin in 36km to Gachsaran has temperate weather in spite of its geographical location in a tropical region. The relatively high altitude of this village from the sea level made its weather somewhat pleasant and cool. Dil is another village in Gachsaran embracing the historic monuments of Tang-e Asiab, Qaleh Shah Bahman and Dome of Gabr.
Ganj-e Banar waterfall is a natural attraction here located in seven kilometers to this city on the hillside of Khaiez mountain. Tang-e Bashtak, the protected area of Khamin mountain and Keyvan Lishtar waterfall along with the Parim bridge and Sassanid bridge of Kheirabad is other attractions of this city.
Jajim, Siah Chador, embossed-flower kilim and felting are some of Gachsaran handicrafts and Shole Mashaki is among their main local foods.

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