Turkish city of Izmir After the Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Hit

  October 31, 2020   News ID 459
Turkish city of Izmir After the Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Hit
Deadly 7.0 magnitude quack is followed by deadliest Tsunami that threatens thousands of lives in Turkish city of Izmir.

Turkey, SAEDNEWS, Oct. 30: Rescuers continue to dug through heavy blocks of concrete with their bare hands early on Saturday, in a desperate search for survivors from a powerful earthquake that levelled buildings across Greece and Turkey, killing at least 26 people. Much of the damage in Turkey occurred in and around the Aegean resort city of Izmir, which has three million residents and is filled with high-rise apartment blocks. It was unclear how many people were trapped in the rubble. The quake also caused a mini-tsunami on the Aegean island of Samos and a sea surge that turned streets into rushing rivers in one town on Turkey’s west coast.

Turkish officials confirmed 24 dead and nearly 800 injured after the quake hit the coastal province of Izmir. In Greece, two teenagers – a boy and a girl – were killed on the island of Samos when a building collapsed on top of them.

“Words fail when children are lost. In these difficult hours, our thoughts turn to their families and Samos experiencing unbearable pain,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. People flooded onto the streets in the Turkish city of Izmir after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit, witnesses said. The wreckage of multiple-story buildings in the city’s centre could be seen with people climbing out to escape. Smoke rose into the sky in several areas.

Images on social media showed water rushing through the streets of Izmir from an apparent sea surge (Source: AlJazeera).


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