Turkish Heroes in Vienna Help Police and Citizens in Terrorist Ambush

  November 03, 2020   News ID 542
Turkish Heroes in Vienna Help Police and Citizens in Terrorist Ambush
Austria's national broadcaster has reported that during the terrorist attacks in Vienna, two Turkish citizens have helped the police and the citizens to escape the terrorist ambush.

Vienna, SAEDNEWS, Nov. 3: Two Turkish MMA fighters living in Vienna have been saluted for courage and heroism after coming to the aid of a woman and a police officer amid deadly gun battles around the city, labeled a terrorist attack by authorities.

The duo, named in press reports as Mikail Ozen and Recep Gultekin, briefly appeared in viral video footage captured during the shootout on Monday night, in which Ozen is heard shouting “Take cover!” in Turkish as the two sought refuge behind a structure – what appears to be a subway entrance – with a volley of gunfire going off around them.

In addition to the harrowing encounter caught on video – in which Gultekin sustained a small wound to his leg – the two men also reportedly came to the rescue of both a woman and an injured police officer in the area.

“An old woman was heading towards the scene, walking on foot. When we saw the woman, we stopped and went downstairs. We also took that woman to a safe place,” Ozen told Hurriyet, a Turkish news outlet, adding “Then we came to the subway station [seen] in those images. I saw the police shot there.”

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