Ultimate Justice and Equity

  March 28, 2022   Read time 2 min
Ultimate Justice and Equity
The promised Twelfth Shia Imam Mahdi is described as the person who will revive the justice and equity on earth.

In numerous verses of the Holy Qur’an and prior to it, in other Heavenly Books, Allah the Almighty, has made it amply clear that:

'Surely My righteous servants shall inherit the earth. " (21: 105)

Moreover, Allah the Almighty has promised the believers and the good doers that He will certainly make them the caliphs and rulers of this earth. And it is clearer than daylight that Allah the Truthful is not a covenant breaker.

A question can arise in the mind that if the aim and purpose of the Prophets (a.s.) was to fill the earth with justice and equity, which has also been promised by Allah, then why the present state of affairs? Why this oppression, tyranny, mischief, corruption, killings, genocide, insecurity, anarchy, chaos, disorder, etc.? What is the reason for all these? And till when will these continue?

Allah, the Almighty, has created man free and independent, which implies that he can select either of the two ways, good or evil, belief or disbelief, justice or oppression, of his own accord and free will. If he chooses the path of goodness, belief and justice, then of course, he will be surrounded with bounties and blessings.

But if he opts for the other course; its consequences will certainly be disastrous and harmful. If somebody consumes poison, no doubt, its damaging effects will manifest themselves. Unfortunately, mankind chose the path of evil, instead of goodness, and as a result, the world is engulfed with darkness and injustice. While indicating towards this reality, the Holy Qur’an declares,

"Mischief appeared in the land and the sea for what the hands of the people earned. " (30: 41)

The mischief and corruption rampant in the world is a result of our actions. And this is the case when Allah, the All-Forgiving, pardons most of our sins and transgressions. This is the consequence of only a few of our misdeeds. If Allah really punishes us for all of our actions, whatever little of goodness and virtue is observed in this world will also vanish and the entire universe will convert into a hell for mankind. Allah the Almighty informs in the Holy Qur’an,

"Whatever calamities afflict you is because of what your hands have earned, While He forgives most (of your sins)." (26: 30)

The present state of our world is because of our vices, transgressions and evils.

Come! Let's see what impressions our deeds and we have left on religion, morals, society and economics.

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