UNSC Held Hostage to US, Unable to Save Gaza: Iranian Spokesman

  December 04, 2023   News ID 7158
UNSC Held Hostage to US, Unable to Save Gaza: Iranian Spokesman
SAEDNEWS: The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry lamented the fact that the United Nations Security Council has fallen under the influence of the US and failed to fulfill its duties regarding the brutal Israeli war against Gaza.

SAEDNEWS: Speaking to reporters at a press conference on Monday, Nasser Kanaani said the UN Security Council has sadly been held hostage to the US government when it comes to supporting Gaza. The UNSC has proved to be incapable of fulfilling its duties to save the lives of Palestinians and ensure peace in Gaza which has been suffering from weeks of brutal Israeli strikes, he added.

Kanaani also criticized the US government for abusing the privilege of hosting the UN headquarters.

“The US government has practically stood by the occupying (Zionist) regime. Reports have been released by the US that the US has provided the (Israeli) regime with arms” in the war on Gaza, he added.

Kanaani also dismissed as an “outright lie” the American claims that the US is not after the spread of Gaza war.

The US cannot arm the Israeli regime and dispatch its secretary of state to the Israeli war room in Tel Aviv and at the same time claim that it seeks to protect civilians, he stated.

Highlighting Iran’s efforts to stop the Israeli carnage in Gaza, Kanaani said it is the international community’s responsibility to protect Palestinians. “If the (Israeli) crimes go unpunished, they will pose a threat to humanity.”

At least 15,500 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza since October 7.

The Zionist regime’s military has widened its ground offensive in southern Gaza as Palestinian officials say more than 800 people have been killed since Saturday (SOURCE: TASNIM).