US Government Shows Green Light to Pfizer Vaccine's Rollout

  December 13, 2020   News ID 1104
US Government Shows Green Light to Pfizer Vaccine's Rollout
United States is one of the worst hit nations by Coronavirus. Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine is hoped to contain the further spread of the vaccine across America. Finally, US Government gives the permission for distribution of the vaccine.

Washington DC., SAEDNEWS, Dec. 12: The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German biotechnology company BioNTech will begin arriving in the states across the US after its emergency use was approved, paving the way for a mass immunisation programme in the country.

The US Food and Drug Administration gave the coronavirus vaccine a green light on Friday, after a government expert advisory panel concluded the vaccine appeared safe and effective.

"The FDA’s authorisation for emergency use of the first COVID-19 vaccine is a significant milestone in battling this devastating pandemic that has affected so many families in the United States and around the world,” said agency Commissioner Dr Stephen M. Hahn.

Hahn said the action followed "an open and transparent review process" that included input from multiple experts and scientists to determine the vaccine met the agency's standards.

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