Why the Enemies Propagate So Much Against Islamic Republic?

  January 10, 2024   Read time 3 min
Why the Enemies Propagate So Much Against Islamic Republic?
In his Last Will, Imam Khomeini delineates for the youth the reasons of the hostility against Islamic Republic.

And I take this occasion to address myself to those who, with various motives, oppose the Islamic Republic, as well as the youthboth boys and girls- who are being exploited by the munafiqin (hypocrites) and opportunist deviants who seek their benefit at the expense of others, and call on them to judge for themselves without bias and with a clear mind, and examine the propaganda of those who wish to see the collapse of the Islamic Republic, as well as watch their behavior with the oppressed masses, and the groups and the (foreign) governments which have supported them, and the people in our country who are their supporters and their periodical change of position which they make at various junctures.

I wish the people who would like to see the collapse of the Islamic Republic to investigate the character of those who were martyred in the hands of the hypocrites and deviants and reevaluate them against thei1 enemies. There are recorded tapes of those martyrs and you, too, may have recorded tapes of the opponents of the system. Just find out for yourself which group is really concerned about and committed to the oppressed and tyrannized people.

My dear brothers, you are not reading these pages while I am living, but probably after my death. Then, I am not among you to be tempted to exploit your sentiments for selfish interests or do so in a struggle for power. Because you are meritorious youths I long for you to spend your youthful years at the service of the Almighty, our beloved Islam and the Islamic Republic so that you will become prosperous both in this world and in the Hereafter. I implore God, the Forgiver of Sins, to lead you along the straight path of humanity, and to forgive our and your past with His Bountiful Mercy. You, too, implore Him for the same in your private moments, and rest assured that He is the Leader and the Compassionate.

And I have a word by way of this last will and testament of mine to the noble people of Iran and to other nations who are plagued by corrupt governments and are under the yoke of the big powers. I call on the dear Iranian nation to endear the blessing which they have gained with the great struggle of their own and with the blood of themselves and the blood of their young ones and to cherish it as the most beloved thing, to safeguard and protect it, to toil for this great divine blessing and this great divine entrustment, to challenge the obstacles on this straight way, without fear because "If you help Allah. He will help you and will make your foothold firm." [The Qur'an: 47:7].

Contribute to the solving of the problems of the Islamic Republic with your hearts, to consider the cabinet and the majlis [parliament] as being of your own, and to protect them as an endeared blessing. And I also exhort the majlis, the government and administrators to appreciate the merits of this nation and to serve them and especially the oppressed and tyrannized masses who are the light of our eyes and benefactors of all, who instituted the Islamic Republic as a result of their acts of self-sacrifice; the survival, of which, too, is the result of their services. Consider yourselves as having risen from the masses and consider the masses as being in your circle; always condemn the governments of the oppressors that were and are uncultured plunderers and empty- headed bullies, by humane acts befitting an Islamic government.

And as for Muslim nations, I exhort them to follow the example of the Islamic government in Iran and of Iran's struggling people, and subjugate your own cruel governments in the event that they do not yield to the demands of their people, which is the [same as the] demand of the Iranian nation, and exhort them to remember that the government dependent on either the West or East is the cause of the misfortune of Muslims. And I advise you against heeding the hostile propaganda of the enemies of Islam and the Islamic Republic, for they all intend to do away with Islam so that the interests of the superpowers will be safeguarded.

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