Yazd Fire Temple

  February 04, 2024   Read time 1 min
Yazd Fire Temple
Bahram fire temple or Vararam fire temple in Yazd is one of the premises of the Zoroastrians, consisted of buildings and tree-lined garden that has been made in recent centuries. This building construction dated back to Pahlavi I era its architecture derived from the Achaemenid art.

The main building is located in the middle of the courtyard and surrounded by tall cypress, pines and evergreen trees. A large circular pool at the center of entrance makes a certain beautiful site where the Zoroastrians and tourists throw coins into it according to an old tradition.


Farvahar is manifested on the frieze of the mansion. The mansion was built under the supervision of Arbab Jamshid Amanat by Zoroastrians and India Persians in 1313 SH. There is a holy fire within a large firebox made of Bronze which must always be on and someone who is called Hirbod is responsible for keeping it in this place; it dates back to 1500 years ago and is highly respectable by Zoroastrians.

Fire was settled in the relatively large chamber above the ground level away from the sun and in a room. The other rooms around it designed as well for worship. Men and women should wear a white hat and white scarf entering this temple and take off their shoes to watch the sacred fire from behind a glass enclosure.

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