Imam Khomeini on Colonialism and Satanic Hegemony of Devil

  January 10, 2024   Read time 4 min
Imam Khomeini on Colonialism and Satanic Hegemony of Devil
Imam Khomeini believes that the Pahlavid Shahs served the interests of colonialists.

A satanic scheme of the big colonialist powers and imperialists, underway for years now, which reached its climax in Iran during the reign of Reza Khan and was followed by Muhammad Reza was the scheme of isolating the ulama. During the reign of Reza Khan the strategy) was to oppress the ulama, to defrock them, to imprison them, to banish them, to slight them and to execute them, and at the time of Muhammad Reza the scheme was followed up by other means, such as [pitting] the university students and university educators and the ulama against each other, and they did this with the help of vast propaganda which unfortunately because of the negligence and unsophistication of both groups about the satanic devices of the superpowers, proved to work.

On the one hand, they did their best to make sure that teachers in elementary schools, High schools and college professors and chancellors of universities were selected from among those who were West-struck or East-struck or from among the un-Islamic individuals and deviated people who do not adhere to any religion.

They did their best to ensure that the self-committed pious people would be a small minority, and to ensure that those who take the helm of the country in the future would be the same people who hate all religions, especially Islam, and the people associated with religions, particularly the ulama. At that time they pretended that such people, the ulama were the agents of Britain and advocates of the capitalists, and big landlords and advocates of reactionaryism and later they said the ulama were opposed to progress and civilization.

Alternatively, by their sophisticated hostile propaganda they led the ulama to fear college students and university educators because the propaganda invariably labeled all college student educators as being irreligious abandoned and opposed to Islam and other religions.

The idea was to make sure that the people at the helm were opposed to Islam and other religions and the ulama and religious people, and that anything related to the government, and that deep schism between the government and the masses and university students and educators would pave the way for the indulgence of plunderers so that every aspect of the business of the government would be in the hands of plunderers who could pocket the resources of our country, as they had during the previous regimes and were continuing to do, with obvious implications.

Now that by the will of the Blessed and Supreme Lord and due to the struggles of the nation, including the ulama, college students, and traders and toiling men and farm workers and other sectors of the society the people have broken the shackles of bondage and the hindrance of the superpowers and rid the nation from their hands and from the hands of the agents of those powers.

I exhort the present and future generation against tending to overlook the implications of the situation, and I call on the college students to solidify their bond with the ulama and religious students of theology, and never to neglect the schemes and conspiracies of our treacherous enemies, to guide and admonish any individual whom they should see trying to sow the seeds of discord between them, and in the event their words did not work on him renounce and ostracize him so that the plots against us will not take root, because it is easier to stop the current from the fountainhead.

If they should encounter a professor at their college who tends to mislead the youth, the students should guide him and if they should be unsuccessful they should reject him as a professor. I have addressed myself here mainly to the ulama and theological students, since plots at the universities are very grave and every respectable strata of our society who are the think-tank of our society should watch for plots.

Among the gravest plot which, unfortunately, has left destructive effects on our beloved country has been the plot to alienate colonialized countries and make them look to the West and East as their models. So much so that those nations eventually lost their selfesteem and their trust in their own cultures [and are] looking to the West and East as the two poles of power with a nobler generation and loftier culture and concluded that their countries could not but become dependent on either of the two powers.
This has been a long and saddening story and the blows we suffer from the two powers are pounding and deadly. More saddening, however, is that the two powers have checked the progress of the nations whom they attempt to make consumption-oriented countries, and instill a fear in us of their technological advancements and of their satanic power and destroy our self-confidence to test our own intuition, so that we entrust whatever we have to their hands and sit quiet and blindfolded and leave the administration of the state to those powers.

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