Iran Dismisses UK’s Anti-Tehran Allegations as Baseless

  December 06, 2023   News ID 7175
Iran Dismisses UK’s Anti-Tehran Allegations as Baseless
SAEDNEWS: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kana'ani categorically dismissed the recent allegations by the UK officials against Iran.

SAEDNEWS: The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman called on the British officials to refrain from supporting the Israeli regime in its brutal war against the Palestinians in Gaza. Kana'ani advised the British authorities to condemn the crimes of the occupying Zionist regime instead of making baseless accusations against Iran. He urged them to spend their efforts on stopping the war crimes of this regime against the citizens, women and children of Palestine and on facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid according to international regulations and responsibilities.

Kana'ani's remarks came after the baseless accusatios leveled by the British government about Iran's involvement in the Yemeni army attacks in the Red Sea.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has dismissed the British government’s accusation that Iran is linked to the attacks on ships in the Red Sea as baseless.

"These claims are made with specific political goals and show efforts by British authorities to distort the realities in the region and also indicate that they are influenced by the preferences of third parties, including the child-killer Zionist regime," he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman denounced the remarks and moves by some British officials as "non-constructive", saying they pose a threat to regional and international peace and stability.

He stressed, “As we have clearly announced earlier, the resistance factions in the region do not receive orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran to counter and respond to the child-killer Zionist regime’s war crimes and genocide.”

“These factions make decisions and act according to their own principles and priorities and based on the interests of their countries and people,” he clarified.

Kana'ani advised the British authorities to slam the occupying Zionist regime’s crimes instead of making baseless accusations.

He also said they should make efforts to stop the regime’s war crimes against the Palestine people, including women and children, and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid according to international regulations and commitments.

On Sunday, the Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said two Israeli ships named Unity Explorer and Number Nine were targeted in the Bab El-Mandeb Strait earlier in the day, presstv reported.

He said that the first Israeli ship was targeted with a naval missile, and the second ship was struck with a drone after they rejected warnings from the Yemeni navy.

"In support of the Palestinian nation, we’ve disrupted the passage of Zionist enemy ships," he said.

Saree maintained that the Yemeni armed forces will continue to prevent Israeli ships from passing through the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea until the attacks “on our brothers in Gaza come to a halt”.

“Today, we are in a decisive fight against the US and the Zionist enemy and we will continue this until attacks on Gaza are stopped,” he said.

Yemeni forces launched missile and drone attacks on targets in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine after the aggression on Gaza began in early October.

On November 19, Ansarullah fighters boarded a commercial ship believed to be ultimately owned by a major Israeli businessman with links to the Tel Aviv regime.

The Yemenis have said that any ship with links to Israel will be a legitimate target if it passes the waters off Yemen's ports in the Red Sea.

Reports have shown that Israeli shipping companies have already decided to reroute their vessels in fear of attacks by Yemeni forces.

Saree told Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV that Yemen is also prepared to respond to any retaliatory attack by the US and Israel and their allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The attacks by Yemenis are part of a broader military campaign that targets Israeli and US interests and involves resistance groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Iranian officials have in recent weeks cautioned that the current status in West Asia resembled a powder keg which could spiral out of control. They warned that if diplomatic efforts to stop Israeli onslaught are unsuccessful, there is a risk of the conflict escalating uncontrollably, with multiple regional players joining the fight.

Tehran says the history of Israel is full of assassinations, massacre, torture and killing of Palestinian kids, and described Tel Aviv regime's atrocities and massacre of Palestinian women and children as indicative of the destitute of Zionists. Iranian officials say Tel Aviv has been struggling for more than 70 years to exit its identity crisis which has been mixed with genocide, plunder, forced displacement and scores of other inhumane moves (SOURCE: FARSNEWS).