Jameh Mosque of Shabestar

  February 04, 2024   Read time 1 min
Jameh Mosque of Shabestar
The oldest materials remained of this mosque are attributed to Ilkhanate period which were reconstructed in later periods.

The Timurid entrance is placed in the north side of the mosque and the extant minaret with an Arabic statement is belonged to Timurid dynasty. The mosque was reconstructed and expanded by Safavid kings. The entrance was transferred to the east and the extant inscription on its façade is also the result of Safavid operations. Several parts were also attached to the monument by Qajars.


The mosque was placed in the southwest of the historical square of Tasuj; a square where the historical bathhouse, the garden of the Jama Mosque, plane tree and the pool of qanat were placed while it was connected to bazar from the north.

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