Torbat-e Heydariye the Capital of Persian Silk

  December 27, 2023   Read time 1 min
Torbat-e Heydariye the Capital of Persian Silk
The name Torbat in Persian means Burial place, thus the name of the city means Burial Place of Heydar named after Qutb ad-Dīn Haydar a Sufi mystic whose tomb lies in the heart of the city.

Torbat-e-Heidarieh is located at 142 km south of Mashhad at the height of 1365 meters above the sea level. This region has constituted from two mountainous parts. The climate of this city in north mountainous parts is temperate and cold and it is semi-desert in the south west.

Torbat-e Heidarieh consists of 4 parts named ”Markazi”,”Jolge Rokh”, ”Kadkan”, ”Bayag”, 4 cities and 8 rural districts. It is located on the north borders of Iran that is one of the significant connecting roads of the provinces, countries like Afghanistan as well as the southern ports of Iran.

In addition to the transitional role in the region and Iran, it has always been a significant economic, political, security, industrial, and agricultural zone affected on this city development. Torbat-e Heidarieh, the vast city of Razavi Khorasan province after Sabzevar, is the biggest producer of Saffron in the world and the biggest pistachio producer in the province.

The rich mines such as silica as one of the richest silica sources of the world turned this city to one of the mine poles of Khorasan Razavi province. Torbat-e Heidarieh possess big industries and factories. Bayag, one of Torbat-e Heidarie cities, is known as the silk center of Iran. Numerous natural, historical, cultural and artistic attractions have turned it to a tourist zone of Iran. The race of people in Torbat-e Heidarieh is Aryan and they speak Farsi in Torbati dialect. Most of the people of this city are Muslim and followers of Jafari Shia.

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